Why Storytelling?

We’re looking forward to our next called meeting of the Presbytery, a fellowship meeting, on April 9. We have a treat prepared for us – Master storytellers R. Eric Thomas and the Rev. David Norse will be with us to give some “storytelling” pointers. Registration begins at 6:30pm. Grab a snack and take a seat for a 7pm start time at the Plainsboro Presbyterian Church, 500 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro, NJ 08536.

StorytellingWhy Storytelling?

Your church or ministry has a story of lives changed, commitment, vision, ministry, mission. The Church has actually always been in the business of “storytelling.”

Think about these regular activities: Annual reports – stewardship seasons – fundraisers – new programs – special worship services – welcoming visitors

The  Church has always been in the business of sharing God’s work in our lives. We have stories of how God has upheld us upheld us in times of difficulty. We believe God has used us to love our neighbors. And we know God is with us as we worship and work together. Let’s take this opportunity to learn new ways to tell our stories!


Our Presbytery is filled with amazing stories! We have Good News to tell of God’s love at work in our communities of faith! Join us for an evening of refreshing our storytelling for a new day, a new time, and new ears.

Where? Plainsboro Presbyterian Church

When? Registration begins at 6:30pm – come grab a snack and take a seat for our program to begin at 7pm.


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