Storytelling at Presbytery in April

Join us Tuesday April 9, 7pm-9pm for our Fellowship Meeting. As part of our new Plan of Presbytery, the Central Leadership Team plans two “fellowship meetings” each year – these meetings are official called meetings of the Presbytery. Their purpose is to provide creative opportunities for community growth and enrichment.

To that end…

please join us for an evening of


with R. Eric Thomas and the Rev. David Norse.

rericthomas-playwright-1200x630.jpgR. Eric Thomas is a playwright, a professional storyteller and a writer for Elle magazine. He is the host of the Moth in Philadelphia and D.C. The Moth is often considered the gold standard for storytelling in today’s contemporary climate. Listen to one of his stories featured on the Moth podcast here.


Rev. David Norse is the pastor of Maryland Presbyterian Church. David gave a TED talk at TEDx in Philadelphia. This experience radically changed how he writes and delivers sermons and other talks. You can see his TED talk here.

Each of us have a story to tell and our communities have stories to tell as well. God is working in and through all of us – let’s gather to explore new ways to tell our stories.

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