How we get stuff done…

How do we get our work done? Through volunteers who serve on various committees.

The nominating committee (currently Peggy Redman, Lynn Cornell, David Halgren and Jim Elieff) has been hard at work to fill the various positions needed on our standing committees that do the work of our Presbytery. They needed to fill over 30 positions and are 2/3 of the way there. Here are the positions still needed to fill:

Trustees – 1 Ruling Elder or Teaching Elder

Committee on Preparation – 3 Ruling Elders

Stewardship of Property – 3 positions, at least one needs to be a Teaching Elder

Urban Ministry Network – 4 positions, two from non-urban congregations and two from a church serving a specialized population (which narrows it down to either the Taiwanese American Fellowship PC or the Koren PC).

Personnel – 1 Ruling Elder

Committee on Representation – 1 Teaching Elder

Nominating committee – 1 Teaching Elder, 1 Male Ruling Elder and 2 Female Ruling Elders

If you want to dig deeper into the specifics of those standing committees, download the plan-of-presbytery-2018. And if you want to see how those standing committees interact with one another (or if you want a visual of how our Presbytery functions), check out this picture of our organizational chart that shows how many people serve on each committee.



Once again, we get our work done by volunteers serving on various committees – please consider one of these positions if you are not already serving. Peggy Redman, the chair of the nominating committee is happy to field any questions. Her number is 609-799-4727 and her email is

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