Per Capita Report

A special task force of 6 individuals be assembled to gather information about the per capita giving of our membership churches, with the purpose of building understanding of their ability and/or willingness to contribute so as to enable presbytery to plan for its future as it pertains to finances. The task force is to determine its own methodology of approach. The task force is to be peopled by representatives of several of our standing groups including the CLT, Trustees,
Stewardship of Property, COM and some members at large.

This was the assignment given to the following individuals in our Presbytery:

TE Molly Dykstra (Covenant), TE Bob Tomlinson (Executive Director), RE Jeff Mascoll (Witherspoon), RE Doodie Meyer (Nassau), RE Kris Schmidt (Titusville), RE Jean Woodman (Hamilton Square)

This group of folks presented the Per capita task force report to CLT 2018 at our last Presbytery meeting after having conducted six conversations around our Presbytery from May – August this past year.  The report covers some of the mission and programs that are exciting to our churches, the challenges our churches are facing, our understanding of the per capita system, the status of our collection of per capita as well as some suggestions for the CLT and our Presbytery as a whole as we move into the future together.

Thank you so much to the Per Capita Task Force for this great work!


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