NJ Missional Working Group Update

The NJ Missional Working Group has been tasked to consider redrawing/restructuring the eight Presbyteries in New Jersey. Here are some of their foundational and visionary questions as they embark on their work:

What if our focus on mission and ministry benefitted from sharing human and other resources among presbyteries? What if having fewer presbyteries lightened the organizational load, freeing the energy, love and imagination of our leaders to respond to the current needs around us? What if church leaders were trained to lead flexible, adaptive, and entrepreneurial ministries? What if a new level of collaboration and fellowship emerged among neighboring  congregations? How might that strengthen our congregations’ impact in our communities? What if our new vitality freed us to bring hope and new life to the state of New Jersey?

From their recent update:

In the spirit of partnership and collaboration, we are now reaching out to all PC(USA) churches and presbyters in New Jersey. We request your prayerful participation in listening sessions that are being scheduled in each of our presbyteries (see below for dates, times, and locations). Representatives from the Missional Structures Working Group will facilitate these sessions. To prepare for these, we offer the attached topics and questions for reflection and conversation.

We discussed the following questions at our Pre-Presbytery meeting this past Tuesday: 

  1. When have you seen your presbytery at its best? What did it look like? Sound like? Feel like? Who was involved?
  2. What one or two significant blessings or strengths would your presbytery bring into themissional life of a new structure?
  3. What limitations (besides financial resources) have been holding your presbytery back from accomplishing its mission for Jesus Christ?
  4. What missional focuses or priorities are important to you? Where do missional energy and passion currently exist within your presbytery?
  5. What criteria do you think will be most important to consider as we form the new
    presbyteries/recreate presbytery boundaries? What are your ideas?

For the full document, click NJ Missional Structures Working Group – Letter of Invitation to Presbyteries

Additional listening groups will be at the following times. Feel free to attend any or all of them!

• Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 7:00pm
• Hilltop Presbyterian Church of Mendham (Hilltop House)
o 14 Hilltop Rd. Mendham, NJ 07945
o Note: Hilltop House is down the hill from the church!

Elizabeth (& Newark)
• Saturday, October 20, 2018 time TBD (most likely morning)
• Location TBD
• Saturday, November 10, 2018 during stated meeting (9:00am-2:00pm) see docket
• Location TBD
West Jersey
• Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 4:00pm
• First Presbyterian Church of Pittman
o 10 Wildwood Ave, Pitman, NJ, 08071

Monmouth: TBD
Palisades: TBD

Here is a list of those on the task force if you have additional questions:

The New Jersey Missional Structures Working Group:
Linwood Bagby Elizabeth
Carl Wilton – Elizabeth
Diane Ford – Monmouth
Bruce Campbell – New Brunswick
Jim Huang – New Brunswick
Doris Peterson – Newark
Laura Phillips – Newark

Amy Lawrence – Newton
Alison Paden – Newton
Leah Fowler – Palisades
Andy Smith – Palisades
Don Painter – West Jersey
Floyd White – West Jersey

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bonner, Samuel says:

    May God’s peace and grace be with. Your work is so important, I pray for your wisdom and guidance. That you lead us as God would have us go…a path already known to God, it is time!
    Best wishes

    Sam Bonner, Elder
    Covenant Presbyterian Church


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