Collaboration and Renovation

Over the last year, two of the churches in our Presbytery have negotiated a shared space agreement: Christ Church in Hamilton Square and Iglesia Presbyteriana Nueva Vida (IPNV). If you’ve ever been on that campus, you know there is a sanctuary building and then an additional building that houses a full kitchen, dining space, office space, meeting space, bathrooms and a full size gym. Christ Church has offered this additional building to IPNV to use for their worship and work. IPNV has begun renovation of the space, making it useful for the ministry God has in store for them.

They’ve already:

  • Put in a new ceiling in the fellowship hall and the offices.
  • Prepared the administration/finance office
  • Waxed the floor
  • Begun molding and painting work in both of those areas.
Here are some pictures ~
Sanctuary set up – If you can imagine, there used to be a basketball hoop above the pulpit!
Larger view of the sanctuary.
This room is adjacent to the kitchen and will be used for fellowship. Rip out, replace, repeat!
The kitchen is through that wooden door. So this is the opposite view of a fellowship space.
One of the office spaces available. Office furniture was donated by a local Teaching Elder.

All of those pictures represent work that the members and friends of IPNV have done on their own. There are grander plans that require the work of an archict ($11K) and a loan ($130K.) We approved IPNV pursuing this loan at our June Meeting. Specifically, here are some of their future plans:

  • Build a stage, mezzanine and lobby area
  • Install flooring, painting, air conditioning, electric work and heater system in the pastor’s office, fellowship/dining room and the children’s church area
  • Purchase of chairs, media equipment and electronics

The architectural documents are needed first so that IPNV can provide more information to the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Foundation, the holder of the loan.

At our June meeting, there was discussion about how the churches in our Presbytery (and/or individuals) could help out with the needed finances for the renovations that IPNV is planning. Here’s how:

Send checks to: 

Iglesia Presbyteriana Nueva Vida – capital fund

PO Box 3315

Hamilton Square, NJ 08619

What do you think?

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