Special Speaker at the June Meeting


At our June 13 Stated Meeting of the Presbytery, we welcome The Rev. Shannon Daley-Harris to offer our “equip” segment. Rev. Daley-Harris has worked for the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) for more than 26 years. She currently serves as the Religious Affairs Advisory of the Children’s Defense Fund where we directs the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry and guides other aspects of CDF’s partnership with the faith community.

Rev. Daley-Harris’ work includes speaking, preaching, leading retreats and workshops, and consulting with religious groups from the national to the local level. She writes resources for the faith communities including the annual multi-faith National Observance of Children’s Sabbath manual.

hope for the future.jpgMost recently, she is the author of Hope for the Future. 

“In Hope for the Future, Shannon Daley-Harris draws from her work with the Children’s Defense Fund to offer twelve meditations for those working to create a better world for our children. Each meditation focuses on passages of Scripture and weaves together moving stories of children, startling statistics about the challenges facing children, and inspiring examples from other movements and faithful leaders that came before us.”

Our June 13 meeting will be held at the Flemington Presbyterian Church with roughly this schedule:

5:30pm  Sharing a Meal Together

6:30pm  A rich time of worship, focusing on children, youth and young adult ministries.

7:30pm  Our Equipping Piece with Rev. Shannon Daley-Harris

8:30pm  Business Meeting

9:30pm  Adjourn



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