May Presbytery (Fellowship) Meeting

Our next Presbytery meeting is our first “Fellowship” style meeting. But it’s still an official meeting of the Presbytery. We’ll take attendance and expect Teaching Elders and Ruling Elder commissions to be present. The meeting simply has a different format… one without business.

So what are we doing?

We’ve rented the Garden Theater in Princeton to preview: 

Out of Order – Queer Pastors Redefining Church 

Doors open at 6:30pm 

Film starts at 7pm; it runs 60 minutes 

Discussion to follow.  

Concession stand is open for us to purchase as we wish. 

Check out the trailer here or read a description here


We have 190 seats, which is more than we usually get at Presbytery meetings but not quite enough for us to completely open the invitation to all of central NJ. So we’d like to start by inviting the leadership (ruling elders and deacons) of our churches and mission partners first (those in leadership of the ministries represented by our specialized ministers. To register, click here.

On May 2, one week beforehand we’ll open up the invitation to anyone.




What do you think?

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