Everything you need for this Saturday!

We are looking forward to our second Saturday Presbytery meeting! Well over a year ago, the Transition Task Force compiled a survey that clearly stated we need to offer different times for our Presbytery meetings to as to include more Ruling Elders. We had our first Saturday meeting last June and we were overwhelmed with positive remarks afterward – even from some who weren’t too sure about “giving up a Saturday.” It turned out to be a tremendous time of worship, reflection and relationship building while still getting our needed business finished.

This is our 5th Presbytery meeting using the Milwaukee model. Again, the feedback has been tremendously positive.By adjusting our time for business, we have enabled learning and reflecting opportunities. But the key to making this model work is for commissioners to read material ahead of time. So here are documents you’ll need to check out before our meeting on Saturday:

Register for the meeting 

03-11 Docket 2.0


The first edit of the Plan of Presbytery since we adopted it in January. 

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution PCUSA

Again, our schedule for Saturday will be:

10am Worship led by Rev. Wendi Werner

11am New Directory of Worship Discussion led by Rev. Dr. Nancy Gross

What is new in the newly proposed Directory for Worship? Is it more or less restrictive? Does it really propose open communion?  How open would it be?  How will other changes impact the worship life of my congregation?  Come explore these questions and more.

12noon Lunch

1pm Business

See you Saturday! Click here for Directions.


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