New Plan of Presbytery

Thank you so much for the spirit with which you joined in worship and prayer at our meeting last Tuesday. It was our hope and belief that by singing and praying through the evening, we would be reminded of our need for one another and renewed in our commitment to be connectional.

Many of you asked for the liturgy used in worship and the meeting. Wendi put it together; she says most of it came from Iona. Here’s the  Worship Service and here’s the Presbytery Docket with prayers

The Transitional Task Force Presented the Plan of Presbytery for a first read and received several questions. Below is the full presentation the form of slide show. We are soliciting questions and are preparing a FAQ for our next meeting. Please direct all questions and comments to Wendi Werner,

Plan of Presbytery presentation


Again, if you have questions or comments, please direct them to Wendi Werner. The task force will prepare an FAQ based on these questions for our next gathered meeting in January.


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  1. peter gregory says:

    Having witnessed 4 previous plans or reboots for the Presbytery in my time here since 2007, I believe this version to be the most efficient and effective from a manpower-resource base of what the Presbytery has to work with. It’s just a matter of finding the folks to say “yes”. I further like the idea of grant subgroup working on alternative means of resourcing the Presbytery, I believe that the 20th century industrial concept of per capita is going the way of the 19th century pew rental or subscription practice of financial resourcing at all levels. Per Capita is as one makes it, but I only see it becoming a continual source of stress, tension between the Presbytery and churches going forward. As all levels of the organization chase the same dollar in the plate.

    An example of creative resources was the success 50K capital campaign we concluded at the church to refurbish our 60 year old gym. Used as a general community asset we employed a variety of means, kick-starter, go fund me web platforms as well as local community grants to make it happen, Passing the plate and hoping for the best is neither good policy or realistic for the church in the 21st century.


  2. bethscib says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Peter!


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