Gathering on Election Day

Our next stated meeting on Tuesday November 8 is also our Election Day. People have raised the issue, asking the Transition Task Force to think about whether we should reschedule. We did.

This meeting was announced about a year ago and we wish we had seen the conflict earlier. However, this conflict has occurred before (albeit perhaps not amidst the same polarity and anxiety we have today). For that reason, we believe this is as best a time as ever for us to gather for prayer.

Here is an excerpt from “A Prayer for Our Nation” from the 1942, the Book of Common Worship:

O God the Father, who governest the nations upon earth,  Be merciful unto us.

Remember not, O Lord, the offenses of Thy people, our manifold transgressions and our national sins; deal not with us after our sins, neither reward us according to our wickedness: Spare us, Father of mercies.

From blindness of heart, from love of ease, from contentment with the second best, from failure to do the good that was in the heart of our fathers and for which they prepared the way: Save Thy people, Lord.

From presumptuous sins, from pride of possession, from vainglorious boastings, from national hypocrisies:  Save Thy people, Lord.

From the covetousness which is idolatry, from hard bargaining and ruthless competition, and from all the service of mammon and the worship of wealth:  Save Thy people, Lord.

From class warfare and class hatred, from racial antagonisms, from the spirit of party, from the seeking of sectional advantage and forgetfulness of the general good:  Save Thy people, Lord.

From failure to take account of the needs of other nations, from living unto ourselves alone, and from putting our trust in our own strength when our trust should be in Thee:  Save Thy people, Lord.

That we may hallow Thy name, that we may seek first Thy kingdom and Thy righteousness; and that, as Thou givest us to know Thy will, so we may do it:  We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord.

That we may be mindful of the poor and the oppressed among us; that we may bring upthe children of the nation in Thy faith and fear; that we may welcome those who in good faith have come from others lands to seek our fellowship, and receive them in Thy name:  We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord.

That we make choice of just legislators and faithful counselors, who with a godlyspirit may enact always things just, and things wise, and things merciful:  We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord.

That we may co-operate earnestly and effectively with other nations, and with them labor for the defense and maintenance of public right, for the abolition of war and the establishment of international law, and for whatever else may pertain to the general good:  We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord.

… (For the whole litany, click prayer-for-our-nation

We look forward to gathering together on this important day for our country. Alongside the election, the Dutch Neck Church will be celebrating their 200th anniversary that week. They are excited to host us and their planning is well under way. Rev. Jan Willem Vander Werff and Noel Werner will lead worship that evening. We have asked that they fashion a worship service that helps us sing through this polarity and anxiety that we are all feeling.

See you November 8th! Dinner starts at 5:45pm.




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  1. ljmcfeaters says:

    Thank you! I am grateful.


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