2017 Presbytery Gathered Events

The schedule for Presbytery gathered events in 2017 was published this past week. We have scheduled three Tuesday evening meetings, two Saturday meetings and two Tuesday evening fellowship opportunities.  Here’s the schedule at a glance:

  1. Tuesday, January 10 (at Dayton)
  2. Saturday, March 11
  3. Tuesday, May 9 – Fellowship
  4. Tuesday, June 13
  5. Saturday, September 16
  6. Tuesday, October 10 – Fellowship
  7. Tuesday, November 14

This is a total of 7 scheduled Presbytery gathered events, an addition of two from our current schedule. The two addition are the “fellowship” events. Big Question of the week: What is the vision for the “Fellowship” meetings in May and October?


We don’t have any concrete plans just yet but have tossed out several ideas:

  • bowling
  • mini-golf
  • a potluck coctail/ appetizer party
  • maybe a night up at Johnsonburg
  • a concert or a movie or…

The idea is that we would gather for the purpose of being together -developing new friendships, nurturing existing friendships.

For the other meetings, both Tuesday and Saturday, we will continue to use the Milwaukee model as our guide; there will be four segments: worship, equip/encourage, sharing a meal and business.

Relationships are essential for any ministry. We’re looking forward to having these two fellowship events in our calendar. We hope you are too!

If you’re able to host any of the dates above or if you have an idea for the fellowship events and/or the subject/theme for the equip/empower segment, contact the Presbytery office. Thanks! 


What do you think?

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