Pics from Presbytery 9/13

Rev. Anita Milne and Rev. Steve Kim along with several folks from both of their congregations led us in worship with the focus scripture Isaiah 56 and an affirmation of our newest creed, the Belhar Confession.

Rev. Larissa Kwong-Abazia led us in a discussion about race.


She suggested we check out this book, Race in a Post-Obama America: the Church Responds. 

This was our second try at the Milwaukee model, meaning we included four segments in our meeting (shared meal, worship, equip/empower and business). We started at 5:30 for dinner and ended just before 9:30. We covered plenty of business in just about an hour:

  • We voted to ordain two individuals, one to pastor the Mt. Airy Church and another to minister at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital.
  • We met and affirmed the position for our new Executive Director.
  • We heard from Nominating, Finance and Mass Incarceration committees.

As always we are looking for your feedback. The Transition Task Force meets this Thursday (that’s tomorrow) to finalize the meeting schedule for 2017 and to finish a draft of the new Plan of presbytery to distribute. We appreciate your prayers!


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  1. Peggy Redman says:

    Last night’s presbytery meeting was wonderful. The nightlong theme of inclusion, from samosas at dinner through the worship service and learning opportunity, was well executed. Rev. Anita’s sermon, addressing the problem of whether including new people/ideas/practices was contamination or something holy gave us a revealing way of looking at change. Rev. Kwong-Abazia’s exercises may soon show up in our adult education hour. Thanks for the planning that went into this meeting!


  2. bethscib says:

    Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement Peggy! We thought it went fabulously!


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