The Presbytery Gathers Next Week!

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again! We hope you are too! We also hope that you’ve had some rest and renewal as you step into this fall. We also hope for a life-giving, generous time of fellowship and mission for each of the congregation and ministries that make up the Presbytery of New Brunswick!

Have you registered for the meeting? Click here to register. Please consider coming for dinner! For those who are coming from work, we know it’s hard. But if you are able, sharing a meal together is such an important part of our building community. 

Here’s a look at the schedule:

5:30pm          Dinner – this is a change of 15 minutes earlier than it used to be

6:30pm          Worship – We start 15 minutes earlier than usual. Our General Assembly commissioners have asked that we fashion our worship around the newly included Belhar Confession.

7:30pm          Equip/ Empower Segment – We are thrilled to have Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia lead us in a conversation about Race. (see more below).

8:15pm           Business

9:15-9:30pm We have 15 extra minutes, just in case we need them.

Equip/Empower Segment of our Gathered Meeting:

The Transition Task Force is looking forward to having a conversation about race through the lens of our contexts. We are a group of 39 congregations and dozens of other missional organizations in central NJ. Central NJ is incredibly diverse, with its rolling green hills to the west, its urban centers to the south and the north and the sprawling suburbs everywhere in between. Our pews are more often than not filled with white people. And many of our congregations have faithful members who serve in law enforcement.

Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia served as the Vice-Moderator for the 221st General Assembly during which she led countless conversations on race, specifically in our Presbyterian contexts. She is a native of New Jersey and a graduate of Rutgers University and Princeton Theological Seminary, where she currently serves as the Director of Church Relation.

We are looking forward to her leading an interactive conversation on race.

New Plan of Presbytery 

We had hoped to get you a first read of the new Plan of Presbytery. It’s just not possible because of how our meetings fell. However, the TTF is meeting on September 18th and seeks to have a working document after that meeting. We will share it as soon as we have it so that there is time for conversation and questions.


What do you think?

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