Looking toward September

Hello again,

We are grateful for the work of the Executive Director Search Committee who is in the process of extending a call to one of the candidates! Please pray for this process and we look forward to introducing this individual to you when the details are ironed out.

The Transition Task Force met for our regular monthly meeting last Thursday to continue to work on our goals. Just a quick recap of those goals:

  • Presenting a clear structure for the Presbytery

  • Crafting a model for Presbytery meetings

  • Engaging the community in mission

  • Creating a communication plan

  • Developing relationships with specialized ministers

  • Partnering with our seminaries

As we look toward September, we see many of these goals coming together, meaning:

  • We hope to provide a first read of the new structure for the Presbytery.
  • We will model the September meeting after the Milwaukee model, continuing our goal for crafting a model for our meetings. For more details about the schedule of the September meeting, check out last week’s post here.
  • Our General Assembly Commissioners asked that we frame our Worship Service at the September meeting around the Belhar Confession. We’re looking forward to continuing our new tradition of working what used to be business items into the context of our worship together.
  • We hope the plans we are making for the Equip/Encourage segment of the meeting will engage us in common mission.
  • And of course, the Social Witness and Mission’s Mass Incarceration Initiative will engage our community in mission as well.
  • Some of the changes in the structure will work to develop relationships with our specialized ministers.

We feel really good about the work we’ve done so far. We hope you also sense that we are working on your behalf and that you have felt encouraged to engage us in dialog at anytime during the process. An important reminder to any committees or working groups that need time on the docket, now is the time to start letting us know. 

We appreciate your prayers as we look at be together on September 13!


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