Summer Work



summer work.jpgJust like in our churches and ministries, we’re grateful for the work that continues over the summer months. Although I don’t suggest we take our laptop into the ocean with us as we work over the summer, I am hoping that we are taking advantage of the opportunities to do our work differently during the summer months.

Often the work done over the summer is the the work that sets up the fall program season. Specifically, we’re grateful for:

The Nominating Committee has received suggestions from the current urban ministry leaders to fill the four spots on the Urban Working Group for non-urban individuals interested in supporting urban ministry. The Nominating Committee is actively reaching out to these individuals and they ask that if you are contacted, that you please reply without delay!

The Search Committee has interviewed two individuals to fill our Presbytery staff position and is discerning making an offer. Please pray for them.

The Transition Task Force is meeting this coming Saturday morning to continue conversation and discernment about the future structure of our Presbytery.

If you have any questions for the task force or are interested in specific work going on at this time, please don’t hesitate to ask!



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  1. peter gregory says:

    It has been a most interesting summer. After the news from Dallas last week, I took some of the church folks with me as we made the rounds, visited the police and public safety, fire depts around Lambertville with the message that we love them, affirm them in their dangerous duties, and in a day and age where many hot and angry voices seek to demonize or dehumanize them or their work, some from religious organizations, they do not speak for this church, and certainly not for me. We will recognize all local public safety units in a more formal way at the 9-11 memorial service will do 11 Sept. At the end of each visit we invited those on duty, and some took advantage as we formed a prayer circle and prayed for them, the people they serve. We prayed for peace and for reason. We prayed that God bless this nation during this very hot, hot summer in more ways than one. And God keep them safe in their shifts. And affirmed all people, period and without question.

    That’s how I spent a few days this summer, so what is everybody else doing?

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