Weekly Update from TTF


Just a few thoughts to keep us on the same page…

How did Saturday go? Saturday’s Presbytery meeting was a wonderful success! We had a great turn out in terms of attendance. The format was well received as we heard folks share how nice it was to meet during daylight hours, how having a meal in the middle of the meeting fostered relationships, how the content of the keynote speaker provoked conversation about our need for more conversation, and of how the overall meeting was an uplifting experience. Some were surprised to like the format, having come into a Saturday meeting not sure they would want to “give up” four hours on a Saturday but came away realizing they “give away” almost four hours on a Tuesday afternoon after a long day at work.

The TTF is continuing to discern how many Saturday meetings we would schedule during a year. It has always been clear that we need to have options so as to include the most number of people in our work and worship. So, keep those prayers coming!

What else is the TTF doing? The format of Presbytery meetings is only one thing on which the TTF is diligently working. This last week members of the TTF sat in on the COM and CPM meetings and will continue to imagine these important committees can do their work with authority and agility.

A word about the special meeting, Tuesday June 14 – we offer this quote from the provided documents for the meeting.

The Task Force does not consider having a special meeting a few days after the stated meeting to be ideal. Before the slower pace of the summer months unfold, however, there are several needs that call for attention. There is a need to share the full financial summary of the distribution of Urban Funds, since their inception in 2002. There is a need for the presbytery as a whole to join the UMC in its call to the work of urban ministry. There is financial need which calls for consideration of immediate action. We hold that making a time and space where together we can as one listen, discern, pray and act is how we live with integrity into our connectional system.

Plans for the summer – With Teaching Elder, John Williams finishing his work with us on June 15, we ask you continue to pray for the committee who is interviewing and discerning potential candidates. If you need staff support over the summer, Rev. Wendi Werner will be on call and when she is on vacation, another member of the task force will be on call. We promise to keep you well informed.


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  1. I really like the new format – in the “Milwaukee” model. I didn’t find the speaker quite as compelling as I would’ve wished for the first one out of the gate, but I commend our leaders – and our presbytery – for trying this. I think it’s a winner.


    1. bethscib says:

      Thanks Jeff. I wished Chris had told us some more details of the many companies his church has started. It’s right up your ally actually. I hope you had an opportunity to read his book.


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