Thank you John Williams!


John Williams has been our “Consulting Executive Presbyter” for several months. He has asked to finish this assignment June 15. John has begun to serve his home community as the President of their board and John is also anxious to return to work on a book he is writing. We are so grateful for John’s service with us and for us.

What will we do now?

The executive nominating committee continues to look for the right person to serve us. While they meet with candidates over the summer, the TTF will provide “on call” leadership through our moderator, Rev. Wendi Werner. When Wendi takes vacation, other members of the TTF will be on call. We will communicate with you and the Presbytery office will be able to direct you as well.

This has been a long time for us to be without a Presbyter. As we have been watching the changes in our committees and the transition of leadership within our churches, we see a wonderful exhibition of connectionalism. We have relied on one another as colleagues and co-ministers, Teaching and Ruling Elders alike. As we move into the summer months, might we encourage you to use some of your down time to have coffee or lunch with a colleague nearby to continue building bridges and relationships with one another.


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  1. peter gregory says:

    The day and age of the mid 20th century industrial/corporate management model in mainline denominations is over and not coming back. In that the concept of a full time paid, EP/CEO/CFO type manager and extensive support staff no longer is either practically or a economically viable model. Neither are large standing committees or sub groups to execute the work required .The matters concerning the Urban Mission issue and resourcing/management/oversight is poster child of that reality.

    Many Presbyteries across the PCUSA are grappling with two key matters. What are or is our core competency. What is that we do well and should continue. And what is not in our core competency that we need to either close, outsource, or wind down. Those Presbyteries that are able to process that will survive in the 21st century, those that do not will not survive.

    In my 34 years as a TE, 9 Presbyteries, the majority I have worked in have has had volunteers or other TE/REs serving as EP and/or Stated Clerk and many times the Presbytery office has worked out of a local church. Is that the future of NB? Maybe, but whatever it was in 1980 or 1995 is not coming back.


    1. bethscib says:

      Hi again Peter. You know I just learned that you are a well known commenter of blogs and articles. What would you like to see happen in New Brunswick? Hire a professional ep? Part time? Full time? What say you?


  2. peter gregory says:

    Beth: Though I wished other would join the discussion on this important matter, you asked the question. In full disclosure my personal opinion is that for matters of efficiency, effectiveness, and common sense dictates that NB seek economies of scale with local presbyteries. Cooperate, staff, resource irrespective of lines and boundaries done in the 18th century. I serve on CPM, just on volume and people under care alone that should be a super-regional, multi-presbytery body. Some may choose to call that merger, union, consolidation, And if that is not feasible due to lines drawn in 1745, or folks do not want those discussions, its not 1745 anymore. At the end of the day, someone has to pay the bills.

    If NB seeks to continue as an independent entity, what it choose to do in people and programs must be cost efficient and logical given present and future realities. Like it or not, we sort of live in a “gig” economy, task specif employment contracts, that’s the future of work and labor. Once NB decides exactly what it wants and expects out of an EP. The PD/job needs to be written to that. And fiscal reality means that should be part/fractional time, 6 month, 1 year renewable contract. At best. My personal thoughts is that in this presbytery the Stated Clerk’s office does the heavy lifting, I think that should go back to full time, in that we get the most or best results for dollars spent. Some Presbyteries combine the offices of Clerk and EP, again, all options should be on the table.

    Again, just my thoughts.


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