Flyer for Presbytery meeting


People have asked for a flyer to pass along to their leaders and congregation for our upcoming June 11 Presbytery gathered meeting. Here it is:  Presbytery flyer June 11

We hope it serves you as you invite your folks to gather. Things you can do to prepare for our meeting:

  • Forward the flyer to your leadership and post it in your newsletters, emails or bulletin boards for your church to see that Presbytery is trying something new.
  • Single out 2-3 folks from your congregation to invite to our meeting and read the book together.
  • Set aside a day the week before the meeting to read all of the business materials. Reading the materials ahead is key to ensuring a one hour business meeting. This will be expected of us for any conversation on the floor.

Looking forward to seeing you June 11!


One Comment Add yours

  1. peter gregory says:

    I think just like anything else new, one cannot judge or come to conclusions on the new format and matrix based on one or two meetings. A Saturday in June is hard time to schedule for. You run into vacations. June is a popular time for weddings, as I have one scheduled for that day, Also various kids sports leagues and alike. The actual day/time of the meeting is transparent I think to the legion of retired TE/RE, those in transitional situations. Will have greater and lesser applications to other groups of folks. I have always been curious the reception weekday morning or afternoon formats would have.


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