Moving Along…


The TTF met last week for our regularly scheduled monthly meeting and we have a longer “retreat” type meeting set up for Saturday, June 4. The Saturday meetings have proven to be a really great use of our time; we get a lot done when we’ve got longer time together.

Generally speaking, we’re moving along on the goals that we set out to accomplish. (For a list of those goals, check out this previous blog post.) Specifically, a lot of our energy is going to creating a structure (we shared more about structure in this previous post) that works for our Presbytery as we move into the future. To that end, we are attending both CPM and COM in the next two weeks to work out the structure for these important committees of our Presbytery.

Miriam has been reaching out to validated ministers in our Presbytery; building bridges with the various ministries represented by our Teaching Elders is going to be a great way for us to engage in mission together.

We’ve been evaluating our finances and our financial practices with our treasurer. We, along with the Personnel committee have been thinking through future financial practices that will best serve us.

worship service

And we’ve been organizing the June 11 meeting. We’ll start with WORSHIP at 10am on Saturday, June 11 at Covenant Presbyterian Church

Then at 11am, we’ll move into our EQUIP/ENCOURAGE hour where we’ll engage in learning and dialogue with C. Christopher Smith. Many of us are reading his book the Virtue of Dialogue as a way to prepare for our meeting. We encourage you to download it, read it and talk about it with your colleagues and church leadership.

equip encourageshared meal

After discussion, we’ll break for a SHARED MEAL. We all know that some of the best relationships are built around a shared meal. In this previous post, we shared our concerns about creating a safe, welcoming environment for all of us – introverts and extroverts.

business meeting

And then after our meal, we’ll spend the last hour in business. The most important component to keeping our business meeting to one hour is reading the material ahead. This is new to our culture but our moderator and others who lead parts of our docket will keep us to this new ethos.

So, we’ve been busy:

  • Creating a structure that makes sense to us.
  • Developing relationships with our validated ministers/ministries.
  • Working on our financial practices.
  • Organizing our next stated meeting.

Please continue to pray for us and for our Presbytery as we move into our future ministry together. Specifically, pray for our upcoming “retreat” meeting on June 4. And as always, we look forward to your comments and your engagement here with this blog. 


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