Spiritual Nourishment at a Presbytery Gathered Meeting

Thought we’d repost this one from a few weeks back… 

At our last Presbytery Gathered, we heard from the stories of three people who were moving from inquirer to candidacy in their process for ordination. The work of the Committee on Preparation is a highlight for many. We’ve heard from many saying how this part of our business meetings is: encouraging, makes us feel good, and a highlight for many.

Right now, the CPM is functioning under our old Plan of Presbytery which instructs that inquirers share a motivation for ministry as they move to candidacy, after which they field questions from the whole. Not all Presbyteries do this and as was mentioned at our last meeting, not all Presbyteries have as many students as we do. The TTF is working with the CPM to retain some of the “food for our souls” we get from the stories of those under our care while adjusting to the new restraints for the business portion of our meetings. Food-quotes-food-for-the-soul.png 

We are grateful that we are given “food for our soul” from the stories of those under our care. But we want our Presbytery gathered meetings to have MANY sources for spiritual nourishment.

We are in the process of booking keynote speakers to lead us in discussions that equip us as we lead with energy, intelligence, imagination and love. We want to inspire and nourish one another as we build relationships across church lines, as we collaborate in mission together, or as we share resources with one another.

At our June 11 meeting, C. Christopher Smith

will lead us in a discussion on the Virtue of Dialogue.  

We are figuring out a middle way but as you are already beginning to see, we’re going to have to do business differently… even the parts we may really like.

We are grateful for those who have taken the time to comment on our blog or to send us thoughts via email. Our desire is to hear from the body and listen together for the voice of the Spirit guiding us into our future together. Make sure you follow the blog so you don’t miss a post and please comment below. 


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  1. peter gregory says:

    The move to a Saturday AM meeting in June is a good start. No matter what day/time chosen. Good for some, not good for others. The prime competitor in terms of church programming is not golfing or apathy, but structured sports/recreational leagues and commitments for working age parents. Likely transparent to the retired population. May be a bit stiffer sell to the church based clergy who may traditionally see Saturday as a “sabbath” or family day. But then again, you offer professional development, enrichment times, could entice attendance. I would suggest a rep from the BOP to explain the new medical plan as a speaker.


    1. bethscib says:

      Hi Peter. I made sure to mention your suggestion of having a BoP person out for some training, education at our last meeting. Thanks for keeping up with our updates!


  2. ljmcfeaters says:

    On behalf of CPM, we remain positive, open and excited about the changes ahead for our life together and for our meetings.
    Part of the beauty of serving on CPM is being closely tied in partnership with our churches, Inquirers, and Candidates. In that way, the Word is continually engaging us in the story of cal; with all of its gifts and liabilities; celebrations and pitfalls.
    Like the church it is a human endeavor. Loving our Lord and loving his church is loving the testimony of those called to serve.
    I am confident we can find a new way to share CPM testimonies as we reshape our current framework.

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