Meet C. Christopher Smith at our June meeting

chris smith
C. Christopher Smith

The Transition Task Force is excited to welcome Chris Smith to provide the Equip/ Empower hour for our June 11 Presbytery meeting at Covenant. Chris Smith is most known as the co-author of Slow Church: cultivating community in the patient way of Jesus.

A couple years earlier than Slow Church, he wrote a short ebook entitled Growing Deeper in our Church Communities: 50 ideas for connection in a disconnected age.

And most recently, he wrote another short book that narrates the story of the practice of conversation at the Englewood Christian Church entitled The Virtue of Dialogue: Conversation as a Hopeful of Church Communities.

Chris is also editor of The Englewood Review of Books, and a member of the Englewood Christian Church community on the urban Near Eastside of Indianapolis.

“Englewood is one of the churches whose experiences gave root to the concept of Slow Church.  “Englewood Christian Church was once a thriving mega-church, but like the neighborhood surrounding it on Indianapolis’ east side, the church spiraled downward for decades in the face of widespread economic decline.

Today, Englewood–both church and community–are thriving again. Not that ECC has restored its mega-church status, but this church of 200 is having an impact that far outweighs its numbers and that upends the received wisdom about how churches work best. This story of recovery is about moving away from status symbols of success and finding a new path to strengthening and deepening community ties and creating contexts for human flourishing.”

We are looking forward to Chris leading us in an hour of learning through presentation and discussion. We invite you to check out his books. We are really looking forward to our June meeting where we try out the Milwaukee model, including this hour to equip and empower.


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  1. Lauren McFeaters says:

    Feels like a gift of Easter! Thank you Transition Task Force!! I am grateful.

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