Changes We Foresee

The transition task force has been hard at work, meeting with standing committees, communicating with various aspects of our Presbytery. We’re looking forward to our next meeting when we will begin moving toward the “Milwaukee Model.

Why do we like this model? We’ve made a commitment to create an environment in our Presbytery that is inviting and nourishing to the Ruling Elder as much as the Teaching Elder. We have received overwhelming comments from Ruling Elders about our current mode of conducting business. Essentially, our lay leaders consistently say “please figure out how to do business better.” Our lay leaders want to be empowered to go back to their congregations and to lead with energy, intelligence, imagination and love.

Here are some changes that we believe are in our future:

We need to empower our committees to do business for the whole and trust those committees to communicate what’s happening with the whole.

We will need to prepare for meetings in ways that we have  not had to in the past. Some of the communication that comes to us will need to come ahead of time through email, our website, this blog, social media and of course Monday in Ministry.

We look forward to using more technology during our gathered meetings, at minimum a screen with information, like motions, available in real time and ideally, an app that would enable us to go paperless when possible and/or interact with the material in real time.

We are looking to move the week and sometimes the day of our meetings in the fall 2016 or winter 2017 to the end of the month so that we can work more efficiently with our committees and the business that comes before them.

IMG_0530Again, these changes that we foresee will enable us to provide a meeting that empowers our Ruling and Teaching Elders to go back to our congregations and to lead with energy, intelligence, imagination and love.

We look forward to sharing more and more of this with you. Our next meeting will have some of these changes as we begin to “try things out to see what fits our culture.” For example, please plan to attend dinner where you can share a meal with one of the inquirers under our care who will be moving to candidacy during our meeting.

And of course, please let us know what you think by leaving a response below – See you on Tuesday, March 8th!


What do you think?

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