TTF works with COM an CPM

working-togetherThe Transition Task Force met this past Saturday. Leslie Dobbs-Allsop from Committee on Preparation joined and Mike Capron from Committee on Minstry joined us as
well. We wanted to have an open conversation about how changing the format of our gathered meetings may change how their committees present their information to us.

More about the Milwaukee Model – As we mentioned in our report, we are looking at “the Milwaukee” model to guide us in formatting our future meetings. This model relies heavily on us doing a short, one hour business meeting. To learn more about the model, click here.

In order to do their business in an hour, the culture of their Presbytery changed to prefer information ahead of time where members of their Presbytery can find answers to their questions and if the answers aren’t in the materials, a direct way to contact someone with the question is available.

How does this model affect COM? So from a COM perspective, when a person comes for membership and/or ordination in our Presbytery, materials as well as a direct contact is available. If there is a transition happening in a church, a contact from COM and/or from the church is offered for direct conversation rather than waiting for the floor of Presbytery.

How about CPM? And then regarding CPM, we are still working out some ideas we have about how we as a gathered Presbytery interact with inquirers, candidates and those certified to receive a call. We were really grateful for Leslie’s perspective about the work of CPM and the committee’s willingness to work with us as we format our meetings.

In so many ways, hearing from those going through the process of ordination has been so life giving for us as a gathered Presbytery. With the Milwaukee model, we look forward to adding other elements of nurture and encouragement in our gathered meetings.

What do you think of these changes? What concerns do you have? What hopes do you have? We want to know! Leave us a comment below.  



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