Learning Opportunities

Too often we think “Presbytery” means either the office in Ewing or the meetings when we gather to do business. But we know that’s not true. Our combined, connected ministry is the Presbytery.

Check out these four opportunities for learning, growth, conversation and fellowship on our calendar in the next four months.

THC_Working_Together_Quote_4Congregational Sustainability with the Presbyterian Foundation
– February 3 at noon or at 7pm, Details are here.

Equipping the Saints – Snow Date – February 13!

Facilitation Skills Training sponsored by the Presbytery of the Palisades, April 11-13, Detail are here.

Vibrant Faith – Engaging Adults in Discipleship – April 30. More information is here, details coming soon.

Do you know of another event or opportunity that we can announce? Let us know!


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  1. peter gregory says:

    As the recent list of events shows, continuing education is developed and executed as regional or super-regional events across Presbytery lines. As it should be. The inherit problem of the Presbyterian system is that it remains an 18th century construct in the 21st century. On the presbytery level the geographic boundaries still conform to how long it took to travel on horseback in a day in 1790. On the resource and funding level, per capita has run the same course as pew rentals of the 19th century. You have the local church and the administrative structure competing for the same dollar in the plate. That model is unsustainable. I think if given a choice on the form and direction of the presbytery, I think most would opt for an educational and enrichment model, equipping model, vice a corporate administrative or adjudicatory design of the industrial 20th century. I think many in the Presbytery still have corporate memory to the 1950’s/60’s. Those days are not returning, and even if they did, they are not affordable in 2016. Super regional in planning and resourcing remains the way forward.


    1. bethscib says:

      I’m not sure I follow Peter. I think I hear you saying that we are moving rather organically to a regional way of relating to one another. I agree that our relationships with one another need to drive our ideas and needs. The opportunities that you see popping up on their own are indeed organic and regional. Thank God!


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