Models for Presbytery meetings

We were so glad to report to you last Tuesday at our Presbytery gathered meeting. If you weren’t able to join us, we hope you take a look at our report that we’ve uploaded here.

from left: David, Miriam, Jim, John, Jim, Wendi and Beth taking the selfie

This past Saturday, the Transition Task Force met at the Dayton Church for a lengthier, four hour session to continue talking about our plans. (The sandwiches were yummie!)

During our time, we were able to speak with Craig Harris from the Milwaukee Presbytery. Many of you will remember Craig who presented to us at the NEXT gathering held in November. The Milwaukee Presbytery went through (and continues to go through) similar changes as us. Their website offers a lot of insight as to how they have moved to a new way of doing business. If you’re interested in more information from the Milwaukee model, we’d suggest starting here with the document that maps out the change(s) they made. Then, we would draw your attention to their recent newsletter to get a feel for where they are now.

What are your thoughts of changing our way of doing business? What would you like for us to be aware of us as we continue to plan? We want to know; leave us a comment. 



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