Presbytery meeting 1/10/16

meetingLooking forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening at the Dayton Church where we will begin a new year with new leadership!

We welcome Wendi Werner as our moderator elect and Jim Huang as our vice moderator elect! Both Wendi and Jim have begun working with us, the TTF and we are hopeful about our collaboration and discernment as we move into 2016!

Here are all the documents for the meeting.

We’ve had two comments/question about the motion to concur.

First, one person was not sure this is the right time to divest since alternative options for fuel are not readily available yet. The Mission and social Witness committee says that #12 on the FAQ sheet speaks to this concern.

Second, one person questions whether divestment is helpful since by divesting we no lose our ability to participate in the discussion about the use of fossil fuels. The Mission and Social Witness committee again turns our attention to the FAQ sheet, #7. 

The TTF is looking forward to reporting to the gathered Presbytery about  our activity this last year and our goals for this year as well.

See you tomorrow!



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